Cats have the best relationships with adult men

Having kittens

According to research, the father’s affection, as well as socialization of people, affects people’s responses throughout the life of the cat. Kittens with talented fathers and where interviews are shown to be friendlier. The kittens of good fathers who are not yet involved are less. They are better than kittens that have been involved with people but with unfriendly fathers. The race can also influence how cats are to humans. Owners of Siam and Persians report higher levels of love than non-pedigree cat’s owners, for example.

Toys, foods, and perfumes

Recent research has been attempted to further investigate cat talks by comparing their tastes for food, toys, and perfumes. The author finds similar numbers of cats that favor human interaction with those who want to eat.

The lower number of cats is the preferred toys and perfumes. The likes of some cats for play or conversation communicating with people in the diet are contrary to age belief that people are just cats of cats, allowing only a person to give because they give they eat. Its view is also controversial with the findings that providing food in the absence of other social interactions from the caregiver, such as speaking, does not maintain a social bond.

So, honeybee’s domestic cats? There is no easy answer here. Cats are capable of loving their owners and forming their own bonds. But most of all it depends on their genetic predispositions and early experiences with people.

The owner’s demographic and behavioral demographics will also influence the quality of cat-owner relationships and relationships. The level of sanity in the domestic cat is likely to be individualized. Potential owners should identify a cat carefully before taking it home as a companion and respecting the choice of the cat to interact.